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Tools for Tough Times

Encountering overwhelming odds can feel paralyzing. Coping skills empower you to hurdle life’s obstacles. Here are a few suggestions to try.

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Coping Together

  • Visit a family member
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood.
  • Text one or more trusted friends. Ask if they can spend time with you.
  • Talk with a neighbor.
  • Call up a friend. Let them know you’re having a difficult day.
  • Join a pick-up game.
  • Go out to eat or enjoy a picnic.
  • Host a movie watching party.
  • Play a boardgame.
  • Play a sport.
  • Go people-watching.
  • Ask a friend to store medication and firearms for you.
Removing these from your environment can keep you safe during a moment of crisis.
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Empowering Yourself

Exercise using something you love.
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If you don’t feel you can keep yourself safe right now, seek immediate help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

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