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Support After an Attempt

Postvention refers to

activities that help individuals and communities cope with the emotional distress resulting from a suicide or attempted suicide and prevent additional trauma that could increase risk.


It’s a community effort, and is most successful when embarked upon by state, local, and community governments, schools, churches and places of worship, families, friends, and affinity groups.

Helping Others Heal

People who have lost someone to suicide are also at increased risk of dying by suicide due to feelings of guilt, sadness, and loneliness.

Knowing how we cope with grief can make us more understanding and empathetic toward those grieving around us.

It’s just as important to be there for your family and friends when they’re in recovery as it is to be there in the middle of a crisis.

The best thing you can do is be there to listen and offer support.

People who attempt suicide are at a higher risk of attempting again.

The Road to Recovery

Recovery isn’t linear. For most people, the path to recovery after a suicide attempt or loss includes many different approaches and paths. Healing is a process, and the journey is different for everyone.

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