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When you or someone you care about are in a crisis, every second counts. It’s important to keep a safe distance from things that could be used to cause harm—like firearms or large amounts of prescription medication.


Any strategy that builds some time between someone and a gun in a suicidal crisis will keep them safer. Ask a friend to hold your keys, or store the keys somewhere they’re not available in a crisis like a bank safe deposit box.
Store guns safely and securely when not in use. Change your gun locks if necessary, and make sure the keys and combination aren’t accessible.
Lock guns and ammo separately, or don’t keep ammunition in the home at all. Ask to temporarily keep the keys to any gun of a friend who is struggling.
Temporarily store firearms off site until the situation improves, perhaps at a friend or relative’s house. Gun shops and law enforcement may offer storage options.

For opioids and medications:

Large amounts of prescription medication can be harmful in a crisis. Keep only the amount you absolutely need and store the rest at a safe location.
Find safe disposal options from Intermountain hospitals